"The Albanese government has, among other things: eschewed the use of targeted sanctions against Chinese officials and entities implicated in severe human rights abuses; decided not to veto Confucius Institutes at Australian universities " ........so, trade sanctions, slowly appearing like they might be removed, are working. The partial loss of Australian freedom of speech resulting from CCP control of all Chinese language media and social media, and its censorship and narrative control of Youtube competitor TikTok, urgently requires a solution as well (ban / control / accept colonial status), but currently, our ability to make sovereign decisions is curtailed by the carrot of maybe reinstating normal trade. This appears to be this governments status quo. I was born in a free country, and now we are reduced to this....

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"Given the face-saving offramp that Australia is offering China in relation to what would possibly/probably have been adverse findings on anti-dumping and countervailing duties against barley and wine, Beijing will presumably be willing to remove these measures in the coming months as well."??

China, based on past form, would probably have prevailed in the WTO in both cases. Some Australian exporters, for whatever reasons, have abused their access, falsified paperwork, and shipped feed grade grains as food grade.

I suspect that China will stretch out the trade resumption process as Washington raises pressure on Canberra to destroy its main trading relationship.

It will be fun to watch, if nothing else!

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