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Thank you for so comprehensively stating Australia' case. A few niggles:

1. "China’s legally untenable maritime claims in the South China Sea"? The PRC's official, written claims to the SCS are 100% tenable thanks to China's total military control of the Western Pacific. If you intended to limit yourself to 'legally tenable,' explain what laws China contravenes.

2. "tensions over Taiwan and the treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang as barriers to an improved relationship”. There cannot be tensions over Taiwan, which Taiwan, China, Australia, and the UN General Assembly agree is an indissoluble part of China. The fact that America backed the losing side in China's Civil War has no bearing on the matter. We make such statements merely to prove our subjugation to US interests. Ditto Xinjiang. It is part of China and its people are well treated, in any case. There is zero evidence of human rights offenses there, as two Commissions of Inquiry by the World Muslim Council attest.

3. "China’s human rights abuses against ethnic and religious minorities and Australia’s public criticisms of the Chinese government’s policies (e.g., this)”. Your link leads to a statement of Australia's 'concerns' by FM Penny Wong. Given our history of atrocities in Asia, including East Timor most recently, nothing coming from our foreign affairs department can be regarded as authoritive, or even remotely true.

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